• The Flight in a Hot Air Balloon

    Having booked your flight, you can relish the delicious feeling of anticipation that starts to build as soon as you’ve made all of your arrangements. When you book your flight with us, our ballooning expert will give you the exact details about your big adventure in the sky.

    The unforgettable experience starts as soon as you arrive at the launch site, when you get to watch your balloon being inflated. It’s a unique sight, so pack your camera and snap as many pictures as you like! Once the balloon is ready, your pilot and their crew will go through the usual safety checks, because your safety is our number one priority. Then you board the basket and the adventure begins!

    The pilot turns on the burners and the balloon begins rising majestically like an eagle, taking you into the clouds. Once you reach the desired altitude, the pilot turns the burners off and the wind takes you on its back, sweeping your moving observatory across the sky. The unbelievable calm of the sky envelops you as you marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the landscape at your feet. Prepare for an unforgettable journey that lasts about an hour. The exact flight time always depends on the weather conditions. Once you land, you’re invited for a toast of champagne or juice to celebrate your marvelous experience!

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